Karen Scrivener

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at EPFL, pioneer of LC3, founder of Nanocem

Shashank Bishnoi

Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Jan Elsen

Head of Geology at KU Leuven, Belgium

Edgardo F. Irassar

Facultad de Ingeniería, National University of Central Buenos Aires Province, UNCPBA

Kimberly Kurtis

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology

Fernando Martirena

Director of the Structures and Materials center at the Universidad Central de las Villas in Santa Clara, Cuba

Manu Santhanam

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Jorgen Skibsted

University Aarhus, Denmark

Cheng Xin

Professor in Cement and Concrete, University of Jinan, China

Vanderley John

Construction Engineering, Polytechnic School at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

François Avet

Formerly EPFL researcher in LC3, now working for Vicat SA

Ruben Snellings

Sustainable Materials Management Unit of VITO at Flemish Institute of Technological Research

Christian Thienel

Vice President for Education and Professor of Engineering at UniBw M, Munich

Franco Zunino

Postdoctoral researcher at LMC, EPFL

Robert Flatt

Professor of Physical Chemistry of Building Materials at Institute of Building Materials, ETH Zürich

Theodore Hanein

Director of the Centre for Experimental Thermodynamics at the University of Sheffield

Doug Hooton

NSERC/CAC Industrial Research Chair in Concrete Durability and Sustainability, University of Toronto

William Wilson

Assistant Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Johann Plank


Mark Alexander

Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering and a Senior Research Scholar in the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Sui Tongbo

Vice President of Sinoma International and Director of Sinoma Research Institute

Christophe Labbez

Leader of the group of Physical chemistry of cementitious and colloidal materials, Université de Bourgogne

Kyle Riding

Professor at the Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering, University of Florida
Cheng Yu

Cheng Yu

Sobute New Materials Co., Ltd.

Pengkun Hou

Professor in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Jinan, China

Zhonghe Shui

Teacher at Wuhan University of Technology

Guillaume Habert

Chair of Sustainable Construction at ETH Zürich

Thomas Matschei

RWTH Aachen

Peter Jensen

Senior Researcher, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU Denmark